Sunday, April 05, 2015

Wibble Wobble

Today I spent some time to make axle boxes so one of the two axles can rock, giving me a 3 point suspension.  I took some scraps of oak from making the SBT top and cut them to size and gorilla glued them together.
 After they were set for a few hours I started working with them.
 My fear of using varnished surfaces was realized, it just popped right apart.
 I also started gluing the first frame together.  The key was making sure the axle was perpendicular to the frame members.  I only have two long clamps so it will have to be completed in stages.
I also made up the frame side mounts for my 3pt axle.  the notches fit up and over the center coupler sill.  I will have to find myself some bolts with a 4-3/4" flat length to act as the pivot.  Easy to find at the hardware stores.

You can see my usual getup for operating power tools.  Chop saw, table saw, & jointer I wear eye and ear protection.  The drill press and band saw I just wear eye protection.  In the afternoon Nancy and I went for a walk with the kids, we made it a half hour before my leg started hurting.  Bike riding does not affect my leg like walking does, running I last about 5 steps.  Per PT and the doctor it is all in muscle training not physical problems so hopefully by the end of the summer I will be better.

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