Sunday, February 21, 2016

car siding

Friday work was removing the flooring from a box car.   I snagged a few pieces to see if it would be any good for cutting down into car siding for a boxcar or reefer.

First was to remove the portions where the bolts were.  
 Then I cut those sections into strips.
I have 140 strips.   By my calculations I need 400 for the walls of a 36 foot long reefer.  Then there is the roof and the floor.
As this is reclaimed wood it is wet, I am letting it season for a while, the professionals would kiln dry the wood, I am going to let it set in a corner of the basement.  A few of the pieces warped right off the saw, I set a couple sticks in front of the heat vent to dry them quicker to see how bad the warping is.  I really hope all my time making 5 gallons of sawdust is not for waste.  I did leave these a little large so there can be some warping before I clean them up on the joiner.  Eventually I will be making a model of Soo Line #15604 or Minneapolis & St. Louis #4570 with the wood.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Brake Car pt 7

This morning before church I hooked up all the air hoses.  I also hooked up the electrical for the remote control.  My first try I failed to connect it up properly.  Knowing that I would obsess over it all during the service if I did not fix it I read the instructions and fixed it while the kids were putting their shoes on.

This afternoon because I had a four button remote I modified two radio shack record and playback sound modules and took the beeper out of the SBT.  The beeper goes when I press A. The brake solenoid with B.  C is one sound module and D the other.  Right now all 4 are set for button press on button press off.  Reading the remote instructions I am not sure if I can set each terminal individually.  The brake function is operating correctly, the sound functions are not.  Have to press C & D twice to hear a sound.  If I leave them on any interference, such as the air compressor turning on or off will have them sound again.

I have completed the air brake car project for now.   I do need to order some fittings and a gauge and install them, paint the end plates, and carry the assembly upstairs.   I think I will also be pulling the two sound modules and put one in each locomotive and switching the latching to be B on A off for the brake and C & D for the alarm.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Brake Car pt 6

Today was a long session.  In the morning I started wiring up the air system.  
I got it 90% complete, but to test the system I need to connect the components together.

Then so I would not over use the hose I have available I had to add the hoses under the car.  To do that properly I needed to mount the ends.  To do that I needed plates to mount to. The two plates took most of the evening.  Cutting them to length, cutting out around the center sill.
Drilling the holes for mounting.  Now they are ready to install.
After I paint them.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Brake Car pt 5

Tonight I added 3 more bulkhead fittings from the reservoir.   They were brass, and like the steel pressure switch I tried to thread it into the PVC.  All three fittings cross threaded so I am worried they are not air tight.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Brake Car pt 4

Tonight I continued to drill the holes in the mounting plate.  This round for the air components and gauges.  The needle valve, the solenoid valve, the tank gauge, the line gauge, and voltage meter.

What is left is the mounting of three more bulkhead fittings in the tank, for the gauge, inlet and outlet.  I could combine some of these fittings onto a manifold.  I do not know if I will do that or not.  Wednesday I will decide.   Also I have chosen to get a smaller tank gauge, I have a bottom mount 1.5" diameter.  I would rather have a back mount 1" that I can place on the mounting plate next to the line gauge.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

brake car pt 3

 Nancy took some pictures of me yesterday.

 Today I attached L brackets to hold the battery from sliding around.  I used long screws then cut them off with the dremel on the backside.  Note, dremel sell these quick change disks, I don't recommend them, they don't stay perpendicular to the shaft.
Then to keep the battery up off the screw heads I gorilla glued a masonite panel under the battery.  Wax paper to keep from gluing the battery down.
 I also drilled the mounting holes for the power switch, circuit breaker, and the relay.  Also the air compressor mounting and steel mounting panel to base mounting holes.
I had read once that a little bit every day on these projects keeps them moving forward.  As I spent most of the day resting from a sinus headache it was nice to get some work complete.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Brake car pt 2

Today's project is to make a mounting platform for all the small parts of the brake system.  On top is a place for the gauges, around the side of the battery is a place for the relay and on off switch.
 First is making a template from cardboard then transferring it to a sheet of steel I had laying around.
Then because I do not have a brake to bend the metal I used my arbor press and heat from a propane torch, and a hammer and an adjustable wrench to bend the part into shape, after cutting it with a hacksaw.
 I also put in slots for holding the tank and the battery in place.  I will have to add L brackets around the battery so it does not shift.
 A poor photo of the backside, or maybe the other side of the shop...

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Brake Car

 Tonight, I wanted to ruminate over loco two, so I started assembly of the brake car.
 First was seeing if it would all fit.  I cut the reservoir to length.  Then I also drilled a three inch diameter hole in the base plate under the reservoir, this gives a better mounting point than the dome of the PVC pipe.  
 I decided to place the electronics on the far side of the battery from the compressor, this will keep them slightly cooler, and by mounting the power and reset switch low I do not have to remove the cover completely to turn them off.
 I will be keeping the gauges, needle valve, and volt meter up high for easier reading during setup.  Well maybe not the volt meter.  I suppose I could have had a flip open door for the reading of the gauges and the switches on top, I can make a new box or a caboose later if I really want that.
This weekend I will continue the install of the brake system.  The challenging part will be hold downs for the battery and tank, and a panels for the electrical and air components.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Tonight I drilled the base plate for the four L braces holding the pedestals.  A slow steady process to get the holes in the correct location.  Measure, measure again, mark, mark again.  Measure, drill a small hole, measure, offset the hole if wrong, drill more, measure again.  It has gone well, 7 of the 8 holes were well placed and the last only needed very gentle persuasion for the bolt to threaded in.  
 Flipping the chassis over I was able to add the motor tower, the big batteries, and the charger.   On the top is a 2x2 representing the roof eve height.   Honestly I think for the height (9') the length looks a little short (19 feet) but that matches the prototype as near as i can tell.

This information is from the ORER vol 6 page 32.  The prototype photo from .  without the knuckle i think this car is on a RIP track or storage waiting scrapping.  most likely at towards the end of life used as a MOW or other such service.  Reading the ORER these cars disappeared by the turn of the century.  
I also notice that the springs are bottomed out.  The range of motion is only 1/4", which is actually per design, but it is a lot less than the SBT.  The journals and other parts have enough flexibility for more movement, with the exception of the pedestals.

I am glad that I picked up both types of chain connections, in this case a small to big will work best for the 25# chain.  The large to large may work if I elongate the motor mounting slots.  As for the #35 chain.  That will be a large to large  or a small to large depending where I place the axles.  There is enough movement there.