Tuesday, December 27, 2016

projects continued

Today's projects include:
Continuation of working on the key holder to the point of applying finish.
Installing 3 shop lights over the shelving and desk area.
Installing 4 more shelves for shoe boxes adding 24 more spots.
Trying my hand at making two sleds for the table saw. One is off by .016 over 8"  The other I did not measure.
Put the bench grinder together and placed it on the arbor vice stand where it lived before.
Reading an email from Grizzly about dust collection system design.
Some cleaning of the shop.
Tearing apart the On30 yard on a door that has sat unused in a corner of the basement for over 10 years.

Yesterday I fixed a mirror of Nancy's.  The glass was loose, I copied the original method and installed three wedges per side to hold the glass and reinstalled the cardboard backing.

Monday, December 26, 2016

key holder

Today because I am still uncertain if I am doing the right thing with the ductwork I put on a dust mask, onion rings, safety glasses, and hearing protection and cut up one of my pieces of oak.  

First I ripped it into four pieces on the bandsaw.  
Used the jointer and then the planer to make them a consistent thickness.  
Added lap joints.
Then glued them together into 9x27 and 13 x 13 inch panels.
I took a bath while waiting for the glue to set.
Then I cleaned the parts up with the planer and hand sander.

Then I started work on making a crosscut sled for my table saw.  
The whole time I had woodworking videos playing on youtube.
And I did not take a single picture.

Tomorrow I will use the sled and finish the project.

Friday, December 23, 2016

through the wall

Yesterday I spent the day putting in the first section of the dust collection in.  Seven inch diameter pipe from the cyclone down the wall along the floor and through the wall and into the ceiling of the shop turning and aiming down the wall.

Next is some blast gates and turning to the left and right along the walls of the shop.

Monday, December 19, 2016


After thinking about the layout of the dust collection, the shop tool locations etc... I wanted a break as the right plan has not gelled yet.

Today I worked on wiring up the electrical outlets for the overhead lights.  12 shop lights on one switch, all ran back to the panel as a single block.  I could have a few more lights on the circuit but chose not to as I plan to have my stereo and some of the desk outlets on the same circuit.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

more lumber

 Tonight lilli and jon watched me cut more of the tree into boards.  I cut the remainder of the 30 inch sections into 3/4" thick planks.  Then with the lessons learned there moved over to the 56 inch long one.  As this on is much heavier it did not want to slide.
 So I stuck a bunch of round pencils under it...  It worked well.  But the saw is getting bogged down and breaker going.  I moved from a 15 amp breaker labeled lights to a 20 amp breaker stating washer and dryer.
 It was still a lot of work.
Tomorrow we will finish cutting the board.  I really should be using a blade with less TPI for this.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Home Sawmill

 Today I added the riser block to the bandsaw, increasing the capacity from 5-3/4 to 12 inches.  Not that difficult of an operation, but I did find another thing I do not like about the bandsaw.  The bar that raises and lowers the upper guide has a gear side and a flat side.  A pair of set screws push on the flat side to keep enough friction so it will not move on its own.  But the flat and the gear are out of parallel so I have the choice to either have friction and binding or no contact and friction.   I chose the later.  I may measure the amount and let grizzly know that the tolerance needs to be tighter.

 Resawing my first piece of wood with a 1/2 inch 10TPI blade.
 It cut through the two by four wonderfully, I unfortunately was twisting the board resulting in an odd cut.

 Next I set up a new way.
 Adding an infeed and outfeed table.
 Making a back stop
 And set a hickory log on there.

 And cut away....

 The wood has some really nice grain.
 Tomorrow I plan to cut into 1" planks and let it dry for a while, as it is very wet, I am thinking it will be a year.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ductwork planning

This weekend I continued the work on the dust collector system.  I had to move the cyclone away from the garage door about a foot.  So Nancy and I took down the three things, moved the french cleats and reinstalled the three components.  I had to modify the shelf above the garage for clearance.  I used the 5 inch flex tube that came with the dust collector to connect the bags up.  Next is to make a strap or shelf to hold the tube out of the way of the garage door.
Also is a bit of planning.  At the top and bottom of the dust collector is a 9 degree slow sweep elbow.  On the upright is one 4 inch inlet, but I need to install a few more in the garage, and certainly many more in the basement.
Speaking of the basement, how to get from the garage to the basement?  As I do not want to cut concrete I need to enter at the joist level.  In the lefthand corner of the shop, well 30 inches over towards the drillpress.  The issues are
1. There is a heat duct to our bedroom in the last 8 inches of the wall between the garage and house.
2. The last 50 inches of joists are turned long ways and I can not cut through them.
3. All the crossways joists have heating ductwork in them, to the living room or the bedroom.
4. I don't have many good 7 inch fittings, well actually I have quite a few but are they the right ones?
The seven inch are standing up in front.
The six inch by the work light.
The five inch by the tugger.
The four, three, and two inch is on the floor laying down.  The stuff larger than 7 inch and flex hose is by the garage door, so is the plastic, except the long pipes of 4" plastic that I stored under the deck.

So 4 inch pipe and smaller to the individual machines.  Stay as large as possible, use what I have, avoid sharp turns, use the higher quality parts, and allow for changes later.

Back to the second picture:
Coming from the cyclone on the left, I have a 90 degree , then I have a choice, turn 90 into the shop, which means I run out of 90's, am in joists of the shop, without seven inch components to change directions.  Or I can use my one 7-7-7 joint, keep one straight and the other go into the basement.  Then use my 90 to aim downward on the wall.  I like that idea.  I think I can do it with only minor modifications to the supporting structure of the house.  I think I will have to sister some steel to a joist for peace of mind.

Once I am aiming down the wall what do I do?
I have to go left for some machines, and right, around the corner following the walls to the desk for others.  The highest I would be, about 3 feet from the ceiling.  The lowest is the floor.  What height should I do?  If  I ever add windows I don't want to move the ductwork.  I don't want the extra corners to get to the ceiling.  I don't want to use sharp elbows.  I think I will do just below the window level, with the drops aimed down.  Oh and I used my only 777 joint.  I do have one 666 that is a 180 / 30.  I would like a 45 45.  I have a 777 that is a sharp 90.  Is it a good idea to use a sharp 90 so early in the system?  Do I buy a component?  Do I buy low gauge or high gauge?  I looked online

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hanging Stuff

We hung up the pictures in the living room.  Nancy made sure they were all level.
I hung shelves in the basement for my shoe boxes, I tried to make sure they were level too.
Nancy and I also hung up a shelf in the garage, ala Jay Bates from youtube.  The depth is 32 inches, about 25 inches from the ceiling.  They are not necessarily level.  We moved the moving blankets and some empty boxes up there, I am sure there are more items that could and should go up there.
And in the righthand side you can see my dust collector, or garage warmer as it will more than likely be, sucking air from the basement and dumping it into the garage.  The cyclone is held in place with two french cleats, and with Adam's help and the use of my new lift we lifted it into place.  Today I worked on making two brackets for holding the bags.  These will also be set onto a french cleat, as high as I can get them in the garage.  It will be a while before this is ready to run as it is 220 volt and I need to run electric for it.  If it indeed does reverse the draft on the waterheater and furnace chimney I will get a second blower to send air from the garage back into the basement.

We (Nancy) took a bunch of stuff down to the shed so I can park in the garage.  The malibu has a lack of heating so it is a morning frustration to scrape the frost off, or in the case of today, remove the snow.  I do plan to have enough space for both the car and the van in the garage.  There are many projects left to complete to have a functioning house and shop so I can focus on making toys full time.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Another purchase

This morning I made the decision to make a Craigslist purchase for the shop. A four hour road trip and $448 for some plastic tubes, a bunch of fabric, some metal bits, and a two horse power motor.  The price for this used stuff was comparable to purchasing new from harbor freight or online, but I have better quality.

We left the three kids home to be able to fit it all into the van.  The parking brake is sticking on the truck.
If you have not guessed, I purchased a Grizzly Dust Collection system with a cyclone designed by the same guy who designs them for DOW Chemical for high dust environments.  has two bag filters, so it is going to take up a major amount of room.  If I can wedge it into the garage, that is where it will be going.

Also completed today was a nap, moving the Christmas tree upstairs, helping Nancy a little with organization of the sewing area.  And the girls helped me get the bandsaw from the floor up onto the stand.  The bandsaw is very heavy, Nancy and I decided it was too heave for us to lift together.  After getting it on the stand I have started with the steps to get it running.

The band saw is not yet ready to run, I am taking my time to read the instructions.  It took a while to mount the saw, then I "lost" the bolts to hold it down the base.  I found them with all the other bolts in an unopened bag of bolts sitting on my desk.  Then it took a half hour to remove the rust preventative from the table top, mostly soak time while I watched youtube videos.

Here is two proud girls showing the bandsaw they lifted.  I would tip the saw to the front or the back, Anna would place the thick board, then I would tip the other direction and Anna would place a second thick board, then Lilli would place two thin cross boards and we would repeat the process.  Sixteen times.  Then Nancy and I slid the saw over onto the base.

While waiting for the degreaser to soak I moved all the plastic shoe boxes from the desks to the floor.  This will allow me to work above the desks installing the shelves to hold the boxes.  For most of the evening I had youtube playing shop tour videos to learn what different people like and dislike about their shops.  Trying to glean some ideas.

Tomorrow I am going to visit a On30 layout that I have followed on facebook for quite a few years.

Friday, November 25, 2016

New Shop

Things I have not blogged about.

Going with Adam to Pennsylvania for a weekend.

Going with Adam to Turkeyville for a Saturday Evening.

Visiting Tom Bee's shop.

Visiting Dennis Goodman's shop.

Buying a house.

Moving in.

Buying rail.

Starting a new shop.

Buying a new lift.

Let's catch up on the shop...   Today, the day after Thanksgiving I spent most of the day making shelves for my white box collection.  Moving the boxes out of the way, bringing wood downstairs, assembling the shelves, and loading the shelves.  Nancy did the shopping for the wood.

Originally I planned to have four shelves.  I had placed the top shelf an inch and three quarters too high, then I put the second shelf and stacked two layers of boxes and figured I could deal with that for a while.  Then I rethought the lowest shelf, without it I am free to park my toolbox, or the router table underneath.

It is all screws, two by fours and plywood, I can add, remove, and modify as desired.

The shop is about 12 foot wide by 26 foot long, in a basement, not a walkout.  bottom of the joists are just under 8 foot.  Heating ducts and a gas line lower the overall height.  And there are no windows.

For now I have my desk, and an extension for it at the entrance to the shop.  The white box shelves are across the aisle.  Then at the far end I plan to have a more square, open area.  A plan for a drill press, bandsaw, arbor press, jointer, bench grinder, and maybe a table saw.  The metal cutoff saw, and thickness planer are in the garage at the moment.  I am thinking I will do a dust collection, and general dust filtration system.

I just purchased a bandsaw, a new Grizzly 555ANV, and a 6 inch riser kit.  It has 14 inch wheels, and will be able to resaw 12 inch stock.  I looked on Craigslist for options, and while I saw a possibility or two, none were such good deals compared to buying new.  Not having one is like woodworking with a hand tied behind my back.   I chose this model based on the review of Jay Bates on youtube, and seeing that April Wilkerson, another youtube woodworker also has the same model.

What I have not done is run electrical to the shop, At the advice or Robb I plan to have a 60 amp sub panel for the tools.  I think I will also run something for the lights from the home panel.