Sunday, April 26, 2015


For now I am running the headlight off from a 9V battery.  Since I have extra connections on the enable relay I am using it as the on-off switch.  The advantage is the headlight will double as my proof of enable.

That was this morning before church.  While I have the control board out of the way I made and will install a plastic plate to protect the back side of the switches and this afternoon, including a run to lowes to pick up a plastic trellis thing so I could scavenge six inches of it as a brace.  Nancy painted the tank cars.  I also spent over an hour putting together the tether 8 pin connector, I used an 8 wire ham radio wire and an 8 pin aviation connector.  Very tight fit on those two.  I ended up stretching / squishing the rubber housing to get the wires to show, soldering each wire in place and then stretching the housing again to pull the conductors back inside the fitting.

For the record... and this took three times to measure because the numbers of each part are close to but not exactly at the pins.  I connected to the far end of the wire and touched each pin to insure no shorts.  There are no shorts.  In parentheses are the function of that color for the onboard control & the wires to the board.  The open three are for the horn and some unknown use.
1 black  (PH)
2 white  (DIR)
3 red       (PW)
4 yellow  (DIR)
5 blue
6 green   (PL)
7 orange
8 brown

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