Sunday, November 22, 2015

Motor position?

 The motors are 4.5 inches in diameter and 5.25 inches long.  The shaft sticks out 1 inch and the bolts out the back a 1/4 inch.  They weight 8.5 lbs each.
 The jack shaft shown is 12 inches long, and the frame will be about 13 inches apart.
Trying to decide which way to mount the motors.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


I was able to drill a bunch of 16th inch holes yesterday and only broke one drill bit.  Today I started two 16th inch holes and broke two.  I think I was not pulling out the bit to clear the chips often enough.  Rather than use up all my small bits I increased the hole size to 8th inch.  First drilling the bars on the doors, then transferring to the doors, and then lastly to the car proper one hole at a time.  A lot of removing to the drill press and returning to the car to confirm the fit.

Now I will print these photos out and mark them where I want some welds.  Then bring the coal car out to the garage to wait.  Then it is back to the second loco.  I will have some parts cut and welded for both at the same time.

Friday, November 20, 2015

In the way

I had stopped working on the coal car for a while as the next step is to weld on the parts I cut earlier.  I am waiting until I had a larger grouping of activity to make save setup costs.  While looking around the shop for work space I realized that car was taking a lot of real estate.  Rather than bundle the parts and car separately I pined the L braces in place.  I am using 1/16th dia rivets to pin the parts.  Drilled the movable parts with the drill press, the car with the hand drill.  I did break one drill bit by hand... bad ergonomics.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Standard or Narrow Gauge?

Today I finally did some work worthy of blogging about on #2.  I cut the outside frames to length.  For a long time I have been staring at the pedestals from Eaton as well as the ones on the SBT.  Do I want a locomotive shaped locomotive or a railcar shaped locomotive?  Well after months of thinking and pondering I am going with railcar shape.
 The next question is do I want to model a narrow gauge car or a standard gauge railcar?  The photo above is a mockup with the end of a boxcar next to #2.  As these trucks will be used for the riding car with the brakes this is how they will be coupled most of the time.   Below is #2 next to one of the tank cars.  The tank is 40 inches in diameter.  Number 2 would be ten feet in length, half of the length above.   After looking at a number of options online for both 30" and standard gauge cars I have my choice.
 I am going standard gauge.
Why?  Well I am designing this to be a workhorse loco for switching at white creek, those cars are standard gauge.  Also I do not want a very tall car, and Nancy is asking for a boxcar.  Well she wants a dynamite car, which would be narrow gauge, but to compromise it will be a boxcar.   This NYC&HRRR car is going to be the basis of my design decisions.   It will be to 1.6" scale like the coal car, and riding car trucks are.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Spending money

I have started on loco 2

Ordered wheels, axles, and jackshaft from Mr. Motion... less than two week turnaround
Ordered 2 500 watt motors off of ebay... today.

Next is deciding the ratio for the chains.  Robb is running with a 7.4mph max, and has great pulling power, those that know on the Facebook Large Scale Railroaders Builders Group recommend gearing for a low top speed and running the motor at max RPM as much as possible.  There was a recommendation for an even lower top speed.  I think a 6 to 7 mph max is good for White Creek, that is what I find others and myself maxing out at, passenger trains stay on time at 5 mph.  So I could go a little slower, I will talk it over with Nancy and Robb over the weekend and order next week.

The last important area is the pedistals and journals.  I have eight sets here from Eaton, they are supposed to be for the spiral wheel cars behind the SBT.  I could always order more as I think the spiral wheels will take quite a while to finish.

The loco will be about 30 inches long, use the PaceSetter center off board I bought last winter, the two large batteries, and I do not know yet if it will be a freight car or locomotive shape... leaning towards a gondola because of the lower height.  For carrying in the van I will need to park it on the riding car.

The riding car will be 4 foot long, with the Tom Bee brake trucks Nancy bought this summer.  I will put a box on the back for the air compressor, and have it in such a way that the loco will park on top.  Cheaper than the trailer.

As for the coal car, I have most of the parts done, except the brake details on the top side, I am hoping to have the KD brake details made by Kevin Sprayberry and 3D printed.  Looking at what we can travel with currently I can only take the car when the family does not travel... until we buy a trailer.  I am holding off on the trailer until we have a better place to park it.