Saturday, February 08, 2014

Sanding The Top

Yesterday and today I most of my time was spent not on the storage battery truck but on two flat cars.  Both 48 inches long and 18 inches wide.

I did take the time to use the time to power sand the top of the storage battery truck today, went through 8 pieces of cheap sand paper.  The top of each board now has a chamfer so it is more clear that they are individual pieces of wood.  In addition, all the of the end steps have been broken over with the power sander.

Back to the flat cars.  They are simple.  1-1/8th thick plywood from work, a band of 1x2 poplar around the outside.  Two pine cross members underneath.  Threaded through, from end to end, is a 1x2 x1/8th rectanglar tube center sill.

This is when I had the panic question, will wheels fit under it?  Will I have to go back and gouge out the plywood for these cars to roll?  Rather than measure and do a whole lot of math I decided to make a coupler pocket height gauge capable of supporting the car.  Set to IBLS unloaded height it will tell me if my cars are good or if they need washers.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Control Stick

I could make if from wood.

   I could make it from steel.
I could 3D print it.

Sorry I have not 3D printed it yet.   I am half done with the steel version.  Because it is such a show piece I may draw up a 3D version to be printed.  I am not certain I will do a good enough job with the steel version.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Top Braces Done

Today I drilled the second top brace for the wood.  Then I drilled four 3/8" holes for cotter keyed hitch pins that will hold the top in place.  That was some fun drilling.  I had to drag my workbench over to the drill press to hold the storage battery truck.  Found out that because the drill press is not bolted down I need to have leverage or else the press will lift up and not cut.  I ended up raising the loco up on 2x4s so I could slide the drill press plate under and wedge some pieces of steel under.  

For all four holes I first drilled with a 1/4" hole stuck a pin in it and then drilled the 3/8" hole.  back and forth, fourth and back, back and fourth.  Had to keep swinging the drill press plate back and forth for clearance.  Nancy said I should take pictures.  I didn't.  It is all cleaned up, even vacuumed the floor and some cobwebs.

I also drilled and chamfered the 8 holes in the end brace steps.

This evening I drilled the holes for the throttle lever cable.  What a pain.  Broke a 1/16" drill bit first thing, cleaned it out with the Dremel and a diamond bit but still took out four drill bits getting through the first 1/8th inch.  Finally I got through after what felt like several hours of trying.  Final diameter is 3/16" instead of the 1/16th inch cable only, it will hold the cable and outer housing from the end to the center electronic trays.  This time Nancy did take pictures of the setup in the drillpress.

Make top braces
Install throttle lever cable
Make throttle lever
Choose paint color
Choose stain color
Sandblast entire thing
Stain wood
Attach wood

Make trailing cars
Plan wiring
Wire up drive systemVelcro down batteries
Get auxiliary power
Get auxiliary charger
Install speed limiter
Install charge port

Install brake wheel to pot
Find a headlight
Find a horn & bell system