Monday, March 21, 2016

Fixing the lift

I finished the project I was not blogging.  Mailed the thumb drive to the publisher this morning.

The next project, fixing my harbor freight motorcycle lift.  It had lost some fluid onto the floor and was no longer going all the way up.  As my train storage shelf is at the max height so I can store the snow blower, bikes, etc under it this is a pretty big problem.

Searching the web there are some fixes, like adding fluid, bleeding the air out, replacing the lift, and rebuilding the pump.  In my case it is the pump section that is bad.  The oil had leaked out of this area.  there is a score mark on the piston, matching one on the wall of the cylinder, and o ring was all chewed up.

I have not decided on a fix yet.  One youtube video suggested using parts from a cheap replacement jack would work.  I could have someone make me a new matched set of cylinder.  I could buy a replacement pump from harbor freight.

Note what looks like a fill valve screw at the bottom is access to one of two check valves for the pump.  Behind the first screw is a second set screw in the same hole, and then a spring a plunger and a small check valve ball.  The reservoir fill hole is that little bump halfway up the cylinder, with the rubber seal.  Note that when filling it it would be good to have the jack off the lift and upright so to get the right amount of fluid in it.

Friday, March 04, 2016

still busy

When working on a magazine article i do not like to blog about it.  Still doing trains every day.