Wednesday, August 22, 2007

God Is Green

Just recently Mars Hill Bible Church had a great series titled God is Green. I strongly recommend you take the time to listen to the series. (the easy way is to use Itunes to download past sermons.)

Go find it and listen, start with July first and listen the other 4... maybe you can not do it in one day as each is 45 to 55min.

If you do not want Itunes go get the MP3 from their website.

On a personal note:
I am starting to overcome the changes and such of moving to India and getting back to intentionally living and thinking about my theology. Note this is not theology that uses words with suffixes of -fication and -uration that would be talked in some university that those becoming preachers attend. But I am talking about my daily walk with the Lord, how I LIVE my THEOLOGY. Not theoretical theology, but LIVING THEOLOGY. This series at Mars Hill, and most information by Rob Bell has practical living theology and I strongly recommend listening to this series (or at least the Towers and Tomatoes, July 22nd) to understand.

For example talking about walking over driving at 35 min in. Here in Chennai walking is much more common, so is utilizing a vehicle to its fullest. That SUV you drive all alone to work in the morning, would have 12 people in it in India. If it is just you you would use your motor bike.

This is the 3rd time I have listened to this one sermon... not because I did not get it, but so that I will get it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What Is Inside You?

With traveling to India, getting settled and all my mind has been full of the mundane like trying to find food that will not empty out my system. After siphoning water from the sweet water tank to the bore well tank (which seams to have run dry) so we could again shower and flush toilets I saw a coconut that had fallen from a local tree. 4 hours of hacking with a dull machete and then a pocket knife I had the softball sized nut away from the volleyball sized husk...

So many spiritual discussions could be made talking about a coconut as example...
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fast Forward

Life is happening very quick right now. Much like this picture I took of the skyline of Mumbai on our exit and travels to Chennai. Much too long of a shutter.

I can not wait until I have the time to sit back relax and digest what is happening.

No the pace is not too fast, it is just right. But add in the mix of a 30 month old and the stress can just get too high for the moment.