Thursday, April 30, 2015

Speed & Direction Pt 2

I sure hope I do not have a loose wire or a short anywhere in this mess.  The lesson to learn if you are reading this blog and building a locomotive, give yourself plenty of space for the electrical system.  Also make it simple, easy to access, and use standard components without any modification.

Tonight's activity was to hook all 16 wires up to the throttle selector switch.  My plan was to use push on connectors, but the tabs on the back could not take the stress of being shoved on.  The first bent, the second retreated into the body of the switch.  I gave up, cut off all my connectors and soldered the wires onto the switch.  I hope it works.  The challenge will be gently folding them so that the white styrene cover fits in place.

I also hooked up wires for B+ and B- to the for accessories like the horn and radio control.  Those wires are orange and brown.   So, horn, meters, and a bunch of other things to go before I can test.

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