Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Glass rack

In the last house we had the ability to hang goblets under the cabinets.  We miss that, well Anna and I do.  So tonight I grabbed a bit of teak and ran it through the table saw to cut to width, then the planer to clean up the thickness, then the table saw to cut a 10 degree angle, and again to cut off a tab, then last I ran the boards through the router with a round over bit.  Nancy thought the boards looked very nice.  All they need is some cleanup sanding, maybe some finish and then they can be mounted under the cabinet.

The teak feels like it is waxed after being cut, what an odd feeling.

I also kept working on the mirror harp for the dresser.  It will be ready for staining and varnish tomorrow.

Monday, January 23, 2017

other stuff

I have been busy in the shop and outside.  Fixing my car, moving rocks in the front yard, turning a top on the vertical lathe, fixing dresser harps, reading books, watching videos, eating, sleeping, working, and playing.  Just no pictures.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jeffrey Storage Battery Truck Research

Below is a reference to Jeffrey Bulletin 13B in the August 6, 1912 FUEL Magazine talks about how the use of the SBT is about 5 years at the Jeffrey plant.  That narrows the construction to 1905 or 1906

The Jeffrey put out a massive campaign in 1912 talking about use of industrial tracks in place of hand carts, horse carts, etc. a typical example:

I should list all the publications they contacted as there are some interesting names, but I trust google to remember for me.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

dust fan

This weekend I worked on setting filters around a box fan to reduce the airborn dust in the shop area.  It is not done but it is working, with one filter before and after the fan.   It will remove the visible dust, but I do not plan on it filtering out the ultra fine dust.  It is one of three steps of the dust control system.  1, the cyclone for chip removal.  2, the fan for floating dust. 3, an ultra fine dust filter.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

completed projects

 The computer I was using to blog did not want to communicate with my iPhone.  Today I switched to a different computer and I am going back to post past projects.
The key holder is finished.  In my last house I had a my keys on nails in the hall closet, with a bowl for my wallet and change.  In this house we are using an antique furniture and I did not want to add nails.  This is the same oak that I was interested in using as railcar siding so this is a test of methods.  I have to work to choose better stock as this one had wormholes and splits.

 Next is this tool.  Harbor freight has a coupon for bar magnets for holding tools for free with purchase.  I used three of them next to eachother above 1/8th inch plywood.  First I tried to make a body from 2x4 stock but it kept splitting as I screwed in stuff.  I switched to some 3/4" plywood for the body, and the bottom is hinged.
Note that it almost works great.  I found that as I released the door the metal bits will fall towards the floor, and towards the hinge, and it could end up rotating around the door onto the magnets. 

 The setup I used to cut the log into boards.... an 8 ft 3/4" on each end. 

 Nancy took some pictures of me wiring up boxes for shop lights for the shop.  I am not fond of the idea of going into the panel to hook up the circuit so I will utilize the help of Robb, a licensed electrician.  He will also help me in running electric for all the tools.

Well a sad day... no not really, I have kept a 18" x 70" section of HO track, used as a yard in the Bower house On30 layout for the past ten years.  In an effort of cleanup I removed the track and electric from the former closet door.  Now I have a shelf for the shed or I can make a new model railroad.

Dust collection system.
 I have not completed any more.  Well I did two things, I bought an amp meter at harbor freight and a wind meter off the internet.  Reading up on chip collection systems and fine dust removal.  And why it is important to remove both from the shop.
 The fine dust is the real issue, it is about the size of smoke particles and can cause breathing issues throughout the whole house.  With Nancy and two kids with breathing issued already and myself getting sinus infections easily I am looking at what it will take to mitigate the risks.
I think that what I did will be useable, but having the amp meter and wind meter, to which I will be adding a pressure differential gauge (a tube of water) to have the best performing system.

The kids christmas present in the living room.