Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This last weekend was the IMLS meet.  We went on Saturday and ran the batteries down on the SBT in 11 miles.  I was riding fast with lots of kids on the train.  

 Today I picked up 20 feet of 1/2 inch L and 16 feet of 1/2 inch square.  I then cut out 30 inches of the square and 55 inches of the L for under the coal car.

I plan to add a few more details to the underside, including the gate locks.

On the top side will be the brake details.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Yesterday we played Catan
 Today I, with the help of Nancy, I bent an airline for the coal car.  First was a couple practice, yea we will call them practice, bends.  After learning the process of bending I planned and heated each bend to red hot and made a turn.  Then after turning left instead of right I made a template from a section of copper wire.

 Things slowed a bit after I grabbed the wrong spot.... ouch.  But we got it done.

Monday, September 14, 2015


By nice convenience I have purchased a 1.6" coal car of the same basic design as an O scale atlas coal car I already owned.  While the large one had some details there are a few missing that I think it would be easy to add.  When I am done the car will not be an exact to prototype car, but it will have a few more details than everyone else who owns one of these cars. 
Bottom doors
Door latches
Bottom bracing
Brake reservoir
ABD valve
Brake cylinder
Tonight's task was cutting 4 plates to use as the doors.  These half inch thick by 3 inch tall sections are a fair representation of the hatches on the O scale car.