Sunday, April 17, 2016

EJ&K April 2016 run aka testing the brake car.

Having rode behind both my electric and behind both steamers I can understand how the EJ&K is great track for steam.

Lilli and I took the brake car, two flats, the tugger and the SBT for a few mile of running.  Otherwise we watched or rode on the steamers.  The brake car worked great.  I had not recharged the tugger all winter and the batteries there were down to two volts.  Not sure if we can get them to recover.  I am uploading a video of the SBT to youtube.  I am thinking it sounds louder now than when it was new, more gear noise.  I will compare the videos that are up of the first few runs with this one.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Brake Car pt 9

Yesterday I solved the leak by using a vacuum pump and applying epoxy over the leak location.  A bit later I could see it sucked in so I added more and turned off the vacuum and let it set.

Today I put it all back together, found I had a leak at one of the gauges because I did not tape the joint.  Fixed that.  Now It looses 5psi every 5 minutes.  I used a stethescope to try to locate the leak, I have an idea it is the other, non-taped gauge joint.  This makes sense because the leak is faster if the needle valve is open farther and less when the needle valve is open less.  I will tape that joint sometime.

With the brake car in the garage I was able to walk 200 feet away, with our house in between and still have response from the brakes.  One of the remotes was better than the other, about a 20 foot difference.

In other news I dropped the coal car off at a powder coater.  He should have it back to me in 4 weeks.  Mid May.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Brake car pt 8

A leak....
 I have the brake system up and running again.  But there are two problems.  1) one of the two extra sound cards is not making noise.  2) there is a leak at the joint of the tank to the pressure switch.
 How should I fix it?  There is a nut on inside.  The tank is sealed, it will have 60 PSI how do I seal this leak?  I finally decided to use epoxy, and reverse the pump to suck the epoxy into the crack.  Tomorrow after the epoxy dries I will see if it works.
If not I will maybe replace the tank.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Nancy was right

A few days ago I realized that something Nancy bought me a while back was a good idea.  She bought battery terminal covers.  They did not work on the large batteries of the SBT, they were too loose and fell off easy.  I got mad and threw them away.

I realized I needed them for the new brake car battery.  I wanted something that fit better, and with the double terminals and lack of dimensions of the parts on the net I made a wood negative of one of the posts and visited the stores locally.  Starting with Lowes, Walmart, Blains, and then a boat store in Cedar Falls.  I bought them at the boat store.  My backup was a grey electrical connector from Lowes.

To make the connectors stay on better I epoxied section of PVC pipe inside to mate with the post of the terminal.  We shall see how it works out long term.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Coal Car

Not blogging for a while has me out of habit posting what I have worked on.

I did not show the progress on the decaling of my O scale reefer.  Mohawk and Lake Superior # 1978.

I did not blog about my mishap with the brake car.  First I shorted out the negative wire when attaching the radio control.  I rewired it... and thought it was in good shape but then smoke started coming out of the voltage meter.  I am letting that one sit for a bit.

So today I worked on touchup of the reefer and the coal car.  And I have pictures.

 I attached the trainline brackets.  2-56 bolts and nuts.  I even went to the hobby shop to pick up a nut driver, 4mm for the nuts.  This was actually the second thing I did.
 The first thing I did was much cooler.  I made myself a hand grab.  The aluminum one was damaged.  A new one cost $1.5 plus shipping.  I took a piece of wire from a vote for me sign and bent it to shape. heated the ends and put flats on it and drilled holes.  It worked quite well.  I am happy with it.  Though if I were to make more I would make a few fixtures to help with the layout.  I will have to get a book out and figure out what force is needed make the flats.
 I have also started looking at the brake system.  Need to scale up the 1:48 parts shown to the 1:7.5 of the coal car.  I could buy 3d printed parts, pour quality castings, or make my own up.  Choices....
The project that has been taking my time.  Decals on the reefer I made a few years ago.