Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Giving the Future

Above is an interesting link to churches solution to the cashless society, add ATM machines that can be used to transfer money in the lobby of the church.

I would like to see a study about if giving at churches is down because America is becoming a cashless society.

Read the comments also, they help fill out the response, worries, and reality of this type of giving.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amazing Things

Each day while in Chennai I see some amazing things. Most of the time I can not get a good photo because of some reason (gone already, too dark, camera is at home, just not a good time to take a picture)

When Nancy and I were on the train Saturday a girl came in and did some gymnastic tricks (she looked about an American 5 so an was about 10 years old) if I took a picture she would have pestered me to high heaven for money and I did not want to pay 5 to 50 rs for a picture, (I would have paid if she did it out on the platform where i had good light and no movement of train)

I saw a boy about 3 ft tall riding a full size bike by sticking his leg through the triangle... bungi says that is common here in India.

seeing things like this makes me want to have a video recorder attached to my ear the whole time we are here. I hope I keep my eyes open to what is strange and different where ever I am in the world.... let it not be common that my two year old knows to pray for real people and not her stuffed animals, for others not herself. And when you ask her to sing she softly signs Jesus love me.

What things are worth seeing in this life for you?

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I am rather grumpy today... not sure why.

Just wanted to share.