Sunday, June 09, 2019

Piggy Bank

When I was in India I picked up a little plastic coin bank with the hopes I would fill it with lots of funds for future projects.  Like an 1923 ARA boxcar, such as above. 
 Robb and I took some time to play at MCRR.

 The kids have played with the home layout, and showed me I need gondolas to keep the fingers and toes safer.
 The cat and the copy cat hang out.
 And surprise me.
 So the bank is 12 years old
 It has a coin slot, no exit.
 I cut a small hole in the bottom and found a dollar bill.
 Some coins, some foreign.

 Then more,
 And more coins
 Lilli helped me sort
 and count
 and add up
It was neat to see the coins from India and Thailand.  But we already lost them somewhere.  My return on investment is pretty poor.  I tried to not put pennies in but it was 1/3 pennies.  Investment per year was less than 15 dollars.  Overall as I do not spend cash much, saving my coins did not result in the significant funds I was hoping for all these years.  I should have stuffed more bills in, large bills. 

Maybe next time.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

May & June fun

I set up a gravel processing station this past weekend.  facebook video and the other video on facebook.  Everyone of us did a load, which resulted in everyone of us getting ice cream at a cone shop north of town.

About ten loads of gravel were moved to the new home.  Each load was about 5 gallons.  The car was pointing out where the railroad needs to be leveled.  
I took loco2, the utility flats and the brake car to White Creeks fun run.  We ran with Robb's loco, I don't remember even going around with loco2.  I arrive, used it to bring cars to the carbarn, then two days later used it to return my cars back to the loading ramp.

Similar thing two weeks later at MCRR.  But there I did not even bother to take loco2.  Just the three cars.  We completed 3 runs in the 2 days, having to hide from the rain a couple times, and a visit Tom Bee's shop.

Loco 2 and the pink flat are back on the home track. 
The next offering from Erwin Shops is scheduled to be a 1923 ARA boxcar.  Classed as X29 by PRR.  PereMarquette, C&O and B&O also had them.  I am researching to see if M&NE, GR&I or other Michigan railroads had any.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Gypsy Lubrication

I spent a lot of time the last few months thinking how I wanted to change pipsqueek.  I wanted to add a displacement lubricator to the gypsy, and redo the water supply so that the return to tender is the last thing before the boiler.  It was the second before, with two pumps after it.

I planned and bought fittings from PM research while at the NAMES show. 

Tonight I hooked together the 3/16-40 MPT fittings to make the steam line to the gypsy whole again.  I need to disassemble and add thread sealant.  I cut the pipe to length with the hobby saw and used the drill press to keep the tap square with the pipe.  I found that the far end of the pipe got a little mashed in the head of the drill press, but it cleaned up.

 While at NAMES I found some hydraulic fittings in parts bin someone was selling from.  I bought them, and found that both Parker and Hoffman still produce the fittings and I got them for about half price.  These will be used for the water lines to the tender.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Coal Mine

With Nancy and Anna's help I brought another bit of distraction to the basement.  Then I started something else.  This Banta Modelworks Little Creek Mining Co. will find a home on the Michigan Lakeshore railroad.  It is a pretty small tipple for a standard gauge mine, they must have a deal with the railroad to always have an empty car onsite, else they would be shut down right quick. 

I brought my coal car down to start the process of developing a load for it.  More on that later.

More productive procrastination from getting pipsqueek running.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Athearn Box Car Rock Island 20060

I purchased an Athearn kit from between 1946 and 1950. I know this because Athearn used coke  bottle cap metal printing their artwork on the backside. My car has three ladders with the red and white printing on the back. After a little Facebook group chat it was decided that this car is not more valuable as is and I could fix it up and run it on a layout. The doors and one ladder were off, a roof walk support and brake wheel were missing. The grab irons and ladders were bent up. I straightened what I could, used superglue to tighten some of the pins and made a new support from brass. Found a “brake wheel” from an old snap. I have yet to replace the couplers and add weight.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

O Scale Project

I sold the Michigan Lakeshore railroad three buildings.


And painted.
 Each day when I was done I took a photo of the three buildings.

 If I could name the stores it would be Beloved Books, Pie in the Sky, and Honey Garden Restaurant.  All real places from Linden, Erie, and Waterloo.

 The ocher building is trying to copy the bricks on the house I grew up in, yellow with black areas.  Simple yellow paint job and black paint flicked at it.

  Upstairs from the Pie looks like the type of place a private eye would work, in suite 3.14...   Also a note about the bricks, painting them all individually allowed for patterns, Fibonacci, teddy bear, stair steps, SOS among a few.  There are about 20 colors of paint, though the last 3000 were painted by blending brick red, boxcar red and candybar brown every 5th brick. 

 Friday at Pie in the Sky Ben Rendall Live.

The red building is painted with drybrush to try to leave some of the grout lines showing as grey.
The corner cafe was painted one brick at a time, all 9620 bricks.  Given that the windows were a challenge to put together and the walls to line up, it is great it turned out so well.  If you have one to build, use the roof to line up the walls, use a very slow setting glue so things can be pushed around to all fit as new parts are added. 
Sorry for these photos.  For some reason I am unable to get blogger to recognize that I turned them over in windows, even if I renamed them. 

The new owner looks very happy.