Saturday, April 04, 2015

End beams

 After notching the center sills for the end beams I moved on to the side sills.  I chose to use a 3x3 side sill.
 Setting it slightly inboard looked better.
 I used the table saw to cut the notches, much faster and cleaner than using the bandsaw.
 I also added a 40 degree cut of the center sill to go from a 3x3 to the full height.  Yes all 4 extend beyond the end beam just a little bit.
 Then Robb reminded me that I have no equalization.  Sigh...  time to take a break.
Speaking of brakes,,, the passenger left brake on the truck is leaking at the frame.  I think I will pay the garage to fix that one.

While on the bike ride, using the van to take the bike to George Wyth, I thought hey why don't I put a spring above the bearings and have a bit of up down travel of the bearing.  The other option is to make a center pivot for one axle.  Or to take the risk and not have any equalization.

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