Monday, May 29, 2017

Lift and Bay

 I spent the majority of the day continuing installation of the trim on the front bay area.  Only 11 more pieces to put up, Then the caulking and painting.  Nancy started the caulking already, as well as purchasing the paint.
 I also finally removed the trains from the truck, using the new lift.
It works well for boxcabs and short cars, I would not use it for a full size locomotive.  I need to bolt the track to the lift, as well as level it, as it leans towards the mast.  Then I also need to wedge something in to keep the track solid to the forks, as right now it is a 3 inch tall opening for two inch forks.  Then there is the matter of it wanting to shift while rolling a car on or off.  I need to lock the lift to the track.  I also need to develop a way to stop it from rolling, like how shop tools are on roller bases that drop to fix the position.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

replacing house siding

Friday, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon I have been installing trim on the front bay of our house.  I have is about 1/4 complete.

During a lull in the action I have been working on adding rails to the lift.  Cutting rails to length, cutting spacer bars for gauge, drilling the holes for the spacer bars.  What remains is to bolt the rails to the pan of the lift.

Saturday morning I worked for a few hours, then I visited MCRR and did a switching run, I am impressed with the railroad, but I felt guilty not working on the house so I came home early.

Again... too busy working to take pictures.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

White Creek spring meet

From last Wednesday night to Saturday I was at white creek.  Running with Robb for the most part, I facebook live video for an hour of the switching.  Took a few pictures and bought a #4 turnout from Russ.

It was cold, the SBT does not last long pulling a coal car, loco 2 needs to have the springs improved.

Today I cut two lengths of 2x2x1/8 angle for use as rails on the lift.  They are just over 5 foot long.  That will give an overhang of 1.5 feet each way.  I will bolt them to the existing platform of the lift and make locks so the lift will not roll away from my stands.

The springs on loco 2 are currently 1 inch long and .5 inch in diameter, and uses four per axle.

The loco weights just over 200 lbs
That is 25 lbs per spring
With 1/4" of travel
I need 100lb per inch springs.

looking at mcmaster carr the item that fits is 9573K15

Sunday, May 14, 2017

More trackwork

 I let Jon play with the flat car while I went and got tools and revised the stop block..  He did not know the stop block was gone.
 Then I installed some ties.
 The last of the 4x4 pieces I had.  They were used and had screws and nails so I did not want to rip into smaller pieces.
 I told Jon he could use the tanks also... he knew that he had to get couplers and pins so they would work.
 Then we had a few ties to set on the tie car.

 And park it in the shed.
 And close the door.
 Or ride on the troublesome tanks.

 Shame on them for sitting on the cars
This is as far as I got this weekend.  It will be a week before I can add more.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Double the railroad

Today's success... doubling the railroad.

But first I finally transferred some of the pictures from my phone to the computer.
Lets start with a simple project to hold pencils under the shelf made from a ripped 2x4 and masonite.

 I made a second shelf to hold the stapler and pencil sharpener.
Also I made a little holder for my dust collection remote.  Mounting it above the switch to the shop... I figure the time it takes me to walk from a machine to turn it off will give time for the chips to make it all the way to the cyclone.
 Also after absconding with some 2x6's from the dumpster at work I hung the majority of the garden tools on the wall.

Now onto the railroad.

yesterdays door work continued this morning with adding bracing.
 And i added a little roof over the carbarn doors.
 Then I extended the length of the left track to six feet from the building.
 Then I made a rack to hold the ties on a flat car... and put it on the blue flat... though I wanted it on the pink flat.

Meanwhile Robb was at white creek with 515 and my storage battery truck.  He put in some batteries he had on hand in the truck and ran around the railroad.

 It did quite well... with no load.

 While he was doing that I was laying track.
Yes that is true I now have two twenty foot long storage tracks in the carbarn.
I also moved the pink flat onto the new track, and with Nancy's help moved the tie rack onto the pink car.  As the back track is narrower I had to center the ties better than I had.

Note that my estimation is that amount of ties will do about forty feet of track.

Carbarn doors

 Tonight's task was continuing the installation of car barn doors .   I also had fun with Jonathan by handing them to couplers and asking him where they went it took him about a half hour to figure out that they went on the train cars so they could couple together.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Weekend projects

Once again I did not take pictures...

I worked on quite a few projects this weekend.
Nancy and I insulated under both bays of the house, tripling the insulation that was present, plus using expanding foam to seal the gaps.
We also installed a 3/4" marine grade plywood under the front bay... the 1/2" chipboard that was there had some rot.
I moved some stuff in the garage to set the stage to hang the garden tools on the wall.
I fixed my string weed wacker... it is over 10 years old and it fell over in the garage breaking in half near the top of the shaft... a plastic part... I made a block to fit inside of it and epoxied it together.
I cut the ties into 1.5 x 1.5" squares... and with Nancy and Jon's help stacked them on the flat cars in the shed.
I cut the plywood for the doors to carbarn.
Nancy and I cleaned up the woods some, cutting some dead stuff that was laying down, moving other things etc...
We enjoyed all the trillium in the backyard.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

shop projects

Tonight's projects included putting up four shop lights, two in the sewing area two in the shop.  Then I used the bandsaw, router and sander to make a box to hold the dust system remote.  Last I made a small shelf to hold my pencils near my desk.  Easy to grab but taking minimal room.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Cutting Ties

This past weekend was spent fixing some rot on the bay on the front of the house.  I removed all the trim and two sections of the sheathing, applied new sheathing and house wrap and let it set.  And we have had a bit of rain, the weather change really messed with my sinuses.  Tonight after measuring for replacement trim on the bay I started a fire and cut all the wood I had available into ties.  I think I have 30 feet, maybe 40 or by luck 50 feet of ties cut to length.  Much of it is 2x4 and 2x6 so I need to rip them to width.

I plan to use plastic lumber for the bay.  I am uncertain if I should mimic what was there or modify it slightly.