Thursday, November 08, 2012

Drop Bottom Gondola

 An overall shot of what is included.

 Another overall shot.  Click on the pictures to see bigger versions.
 This photo shows the parts used to make the cross bars, first take a flat piece, punch it with the two knives steel fixture, file it to size with the middle and turn the edges over with the third on right.  Not shown is a fourth half wedge that is also used, either on the middle ones or the end ones, i don't remember.

 This shows the parts to make and drill the openings for the centersill.
 This die set makes the end of the gondola

A photo of the end of the gondola, this is as I bought the car, ladders are HO scale, there are several dies to make those included, did not take pictures, they are in the upper right of the overall shot.

 Side of the car showing the bottom dump action.  All panels can be dumped, the maker of the dies suggested to me to make most cars as non functional or only have the center bays dump as it can interfere with the trucks.
 This fixture bends over the top and bottom of the gon sides.