Thursday, September 04, 2008


I believe Jesus is the son of God, He died on the cross for my sins, rose again and is in Heaven preparing a place for me and everyone else who also believes in Him.

What will heaven be like? What will I do there. Here I am an engineer, I design things and help them get built. I am not a bridge engineer but for the sake of argument lets say I am. Will I be a bridge engineer in heaven? I could build bridge after bridge after bridge... even if each was the size of a grain of sand there would be more bridges than there is sand grains at the Chennai Beach.

This makes me think that what I do in Heaven will not be physical building, it will be something else. It says in the Bible that a place is being prepared for us, will it be a place without time? Will I be an object in a picture, frozen in place never to move again?

The reports of death experiences seam to point another direction, meeting relatives and friends past. Those are relationships, the good relationships you had with people during life, people who also chose to believe in Jesus. I think that is all that will be left in eternity, relationships. One giant happy cruise ship of people talking and never getting sad or angry. What will we talk about? A lot will be about the good things we did while living.

I sure don't want to be stuck with nothing to talk about for eternity.