Monday, August 14, 2017

Buckeye Limited

From Wednesday to Saturday all five of us were at the Buckeye Limited.  I took some pictures with my phone and posted them all to facebook.  Nancy took some with the Nikon that I could post.  We talked about the future of our hobby, my 20 year goal and steps to get there.  I think Nancy is quite fond of the campy looking trains like the tugger and the pink and blue flats.  And the troublesome tanks.  I on the otherhand like the industrial trucks like the storage battery truck, the troublesome tanks, and associated flats.  Plus I do like the full size trains during the boom time following the great war.

I saw a partially finished wagon top boxcar.  I like it.  But it is a show car not a practical car.  I think it is a car I would like to own.  But sadly with the steamer and rail I do not have the funds.

I saw a couple all wood boxcars like I plan to build there.  They were 1.5" scale not 1.6" but they did look good.  I think I will build a couple box cars and plan to trade them on other items.

Anna, Nancy, and I talked about the merit of a gondola to hold a person and or stuff.  We did not have a gon or the coal car this trip and it was missed.  I like the idea of a low side gondola, but the prototype I saw was post WWII.

I looked at many of the locomotives, while a steamer would be a better option I do like the look of the GP7 and GP9.  I can see an electric in my future.

I also saw the donkey engine made by Jesse L. in action at the meet.  The coloring and details the same as my steamer made it a great sister.

The plan for the fall and winter is to continue working on the steamer, SBT, and loco2 (which did derail a few times.)

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

more maint

Yesterday Anna continued the repairs and glued the pink flat back together.

I planned new seat for use on the flats.  I will build it later in the week.

Today I installed hooks and chains on every piece going to Coshoctan.

I have been having sinus headaches the past few days so productivity is low.