Sunday, August 27, 2017

48 feet

 Place spacer blocks and clamp, then line up tie.
Insert first screw
Insert second screw
Add third screw, on the inside to push gauge out, on outside to tighten the gauge
Add the last screw.  Note the pattern, inside screws forward outside screws back, this is so the tie will not twist and change the gauge.  The real railroads do this with their spikes.
Repeating the screw installation steps 200 times a day gets a little tiring, and makes my back soar so I take lots of brakes, and notice little things like this leaf, and notice little things like this bug.
The other thing I do is have a portable seat with water, food, and music.
 It takes a while but I can see the goal for the day getting closer.
And finally reached.  Before I can continue I need to rework the drawbridge for the shed.
Today I installed 48 feet of new mainline.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

More ties

 Now that there is 50 feet of mainline I can ride the flat cars down the hill.  With the carbarn tracks I now have over 100 feet of track down.
 I can install 10 feet of ties per drill battery, with two batteries that puts me at 20 feet a night.
 As long as I don't run out of ties...  which as of friday night I only had six ties left.
 But I made my goal, track to the "quary" where the dirt from the front yard is, which I transferred to buckets and dumped along the track to stabilize it.  I still have to tamp it more.
 I also need to make more ties, for that I need a saw.
 Then to cut the wood we have into tie lengths.
 After they are all cut to length time to cut them to width.
 First batch was 95 ties.  I moved those to the end of the line.
 The second batch I did not count.  It was three wheelbarrow loads, I estimate at 350 ties total.
 And a whole lot of sawdust.
Next I plan to start laying rail to the barn from this switch.  That will give me track from the neighbors woodpile to ours.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Laying Rail

I added 40 feet of rail to the railroad in the last few days.  And put ties under two feet of it.  Once the ties are under all of this I will have access between the pile of dirt so I can level what I have down. Then I will continue around the circle and have a full loop.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Buckeye Limited

From Wednesday to Saturday all five of us were at the Buckeye Limited.  I took some pictures with my phone and posted them all to facebook.  Nancy took some with the Nikon that I could post.  We talked about the future of our hobby, my 20 year goal and steps to get there.  I think Nancy is quite fond of the campy looking trains like the tugger and the pink and blue flats.  And the troublesome tanks.  I on the otherhand like the industrial trucks like the storage battery truck, the troublesome tanks, and associated flats.  Plus I do like the full size trains during the boom time following the great war.

I saw a partially finished wagon top boxcar.  I like it.  But it is a show car not a practical car.  I think it is a car I would like to own.  But sadly with the steamer and rail I do not have the funds.

I saw a couple all wood boxcars like I plan to build there.  They were 1.5" scale not 1.6" but they did look good.  I think I will build a couple box cars and plan to trade them on other items.

Anna, Nancy, and I talked about the merit of a gondola to hold a person and or stuff.  We did not have a gon or the coal car this trip and it was missed.  I like the idea of a low side gondola, but the prototype I saw was post WWII.

I looked at many of the locomotives, while a steamer would be a better option I do like the look of the GP7 and GP9.  I can see an electric in my future.

I also saw the donkey engine made by Jesse L. in action at the meet.  The coloring and details the same as my steamer made it a great sister.

The plan for the fall and winter is to continue working on the steamer, SBT, and loco2 (which did derail a few times.)

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

more maint

Yesterday Anna continued the repairs and glued the pink flat back together.

I planned new seat for use on the flats.  I will build it later in the week.

Today I installed hooks and chains on every piece going to Coshoctan.

I have been having sinus headaches the past few days so productivity is low.