Sunday, April 19, 2015

Drive Systems

A while back I picked up a Pace Setter control board.  This is the same control board as in the SBT.   I keep thinking I should get some axles, a motor and some batteries to make a small box car to go behind the tugger.  Or should I buy even more stuff and make a long loco...

Nancy and I spent some time talking and making an advantages / disadvantages matrix for a small or large loco.  The only advantage of a large loco is it can pull more... but so can two small locomotives.  And two small ones can "divide and concur."  The small loco will work for our family, easier to manage by Nancy and the kids.

So the options if I go with kit or RTR form:$locos  $3,250  Running Chassis $1,650
downside - motor below chassis   Kit $1,495
upside - motor above chassis, equalized frame.  Chassis Kit $1,395
Downside - motor below chassis
Upside - motors designed to work with my controller

All of these options include the controller, which I do not need.  Kit $970  $550
Upside - price,  motor above chassis, no controller,  Motors are $50 to $150 dollars.  A gear for $5.30

Talking with Nancy it appears that the cost of a RTR setup may be cost effective to my designing, getting the parts, and building my own frame.  Granted the more I do myself the lower the cost.  But where is the break even point?  Since it is doubtful I could get this done by the White Creek event in May I am going to take my time and do some design and confirm that buying is the best option.  It will be very difficult to beat that $550 price of the ride trains chassis.

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