Monday, April 27, 2015

Ah thap thap thap thap

Today I had some difficulty with the drill press.   If you have seen any pictures in the past of me with the drill press you will notice I use a vice, but the vice is not bolted to the table.  Yep, part grabbed the bit and vice started spinning.  I turned off the machine and stepped back waiting for the spinning to stop.   About ten turns in the handle of the vice grabbed the power cord of the drill press and of course ripped it up.

It took a while to fix, but I rewired the drill press, no damage inside.   I then found some bolts to hold down my vice and got back to work drilling a large hole in a very dense plastic.   The end result is a mounting point for the tether.   Like before I have continuity on color to color, no shorts no cross contamination.
I need to also install a mounting point for speed, amp, and volt meter box.

Five 40 minute episodes of Dave Ramsey Show later I am ready for bed.

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