Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Who to be like

One of my heroes in the Bible is Solomon. This very smart man had God's favor and his God given wisdom brought him so much. Since I was little I prayed that I would have wisdom, maybe not as much as Solomon but more than my fair share without God's help. The truth is I have it, I know more about how things work, I have a pretty good idea what people will do. I have a glimpse into what is really important and what is meaningless.

Wisdom is meaningless. It is for this world, great for now, but for eternity it will be a wash. I chose the wrong hero in the Bible to want to be like. I should have chose Isaiah and walked around naked for three years. Ezra and laid in bed for a year plus. No not really. What I want is to be righteous. That would be so much better. It should be what I long for, it is not enough to be wise, it is better to be able to do the right thing in God's eyes.