Tuesday, September 06, 2016

roaming free

This week is the white creek ops session.  I took my coal car and Russ gave is a car card and set it to roam about the railroad, well at least 4 industries of the railroad.  So far the only place I have seen it is in the yard for Monday and Tuesday.  Jerry had it in his train Tuesday afternoon so it is now at an industry.

Robb and I ran our double header both days.  First day with a 14 car train, to set out cars at industries.  Then we cut back to the 5 and were assisted by Jeff from out east to switch cars.  Robb and I switched another two sets Tuesday.  The morning session was really 7 cars as I was instructing him to drop off cars that we recently picked up at the correct card location.  When they set out the cars they just put three at each town.

After operations we dropped off the freight cars and I grabbed the SBT and we drove around for 4 miles, the batteries in the SBT started getting doggy, not putting out enough amps, after about 2.5 miles.  Robb had reprogrammed the controller to have the max draw at 10amps down from the 28x2 that it was at.  I may drop it down to 8 or 9 amps to see if that helps.  Or I may run a trial with the pacesetter to see if they use power differently.  It is not voltage, I had 25.1 at the bottom of the serpentine and 25.0 at the top, and barely got up the hill.

As tomorrow I have the house inspection, and Robb works, Thursday a slight chance of rain and Robb works, Friday we will drive to columbus to pick up Robb's new steam engine, and Saturday not much usually happens we are took the trains home.  I bought some 2x3 at lowes and Robb made a stand 8 foot long for holding my loco, brake car, Flat and SBT.  The rain hit the last half hour that we worked, but I had tarped the truck so the trains stayed dry.