Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Control stick #2

Today I drilled the hole to mount the new control stick mount.  This one is like the other one in that it it is held on by magnets.  The difference is this one has the magnets flat to the frame.  The holding power is better.  I have a 1/2"x1/4" N52 magnet coming from ebay that should be even stronger, as well as be the same size as the base.

 Those crates may look huge, truth is they are only 4ft high from deck to top.  
 They have some odd looking horses in these parts.... gauge is a little narrow, and the troller pole is up.  Better tell that engineer this is SBT territory.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

battery cover

Saturday and a little today I made a cover of 12 crates to enshroud the batteries.  Each crate is 22"x34"x16".  Nancy and I think it looks good, we are wondering if we should paint them or label them.  Are they outbound finished product or inbound material?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pretty Battery tray

Today I started work on a better looking battery tray.  I mounted six 1x1 aluminum angles to the wood deck I fixed earlier.  Next I will make a wood box to cover the batteries.  Then I will decorate the wood box to look like a load as found in a factory.

Here are some factory pictures for inspiration.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lever bracket

The first direction lever bracket I made did not  hold onto the machine well enough.  I am making a new one, c shaped bracket.  A bunch of time with the dremel, benchgrinder, a file, and sand paper.  This went faster than I expected.  Next to drill the pivot hole.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Successful Test Day

Almost six hours to load a van, because it takes time to add wheels to the lift, carry everything upstairs and make rails on the lift and in the van.

 Another two hours of driving, just to test the train for ten miles.

 Testing with many cars, and with few.  Forward, and backwards.  It worked quite flawlessly.

 The tugger derailed once when empty on a stick.  In the past it would derail if it was looked at crosswise.  Two scooter batteries under the frame helped, plus they power the headlights.  Also the flat and gon ran well.  I added a washer at one end and a lube ring on both ends made from milk jug plastic.  I even pushed them around the track backwards without issue.

Then after a few hours it was time to pack up and head home again.  A long two hour drive home.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I let Robb use the train for a while.  Jeff had brought it to Michigan after the IMLS spring meet, Robb installed two different radio control systems.  The first one worked great for him at White Creek, the second a RCS system was not working that great when I took the train back when I was in Michigan The first week of July.  After avoiding the machine for a while after a bad derail at ILS there was some work to do.  Nancy is touching up the paint , I fixed the warped top and removed the pendant throttle with a cut wire that was causing unexpected full accelerations.

Some other things to do:
Make a new holder for control lever that is more firm
Make an emergency switch, a magnetic release or something
Make the second top.
Buy a new amp meter and rewire power source to be 5V from radio control
Make a crate to fit over the batteries.
Make some mudflaps from ice cream containers
Test the train this Saturday at IMLS
Make a crate that holds stuff and is attached to the flat car if Nancy wants a boat seat along
Pack for the trip to Coshoctan that starts in 23 days.
Put milk container washers on flat car trucks.