Sunday, November 16, 2008

flat ponderings

I bought a craftsman kit a couple weekends ago. The Mullet River 36 foot flatcar is a combination of brass details and wood parts to be glued, soldered, and painted. The painting so far took some work but I am right proud of it. My attempts at gluing are quite fair and I am happy with them. my solder joints look awful. The good news is you can cry cry again over solder joints. Up to a point. Once a soldered assembly is glued to the car it is best not to try to fix it.

I am learning some things while building this car. If I build anymore cars I am going to make a fixture for truss rod shape. I did make one to line the turnbuckle up with the truss rods going left and right, but then hand bent the truss rods after installing them... I can tell.

The good news is there are only a couple more items to solder, the brake wheel to its stand, and the chain to the bar going to the brake lines. I could glue those if I wanted. There is only a couple more hours of work to do on this car.

It is sad to be making a car that cost $132 in parts, knowing I cant sell it for that much due to craftsmanship. But I am learning from my mistakes, and while I could give up, I don't want to. The lessons learned while building this is worth the price.

I want to have a car that I am proud to take to work on the 21st. While I won't be absolutly proud to the point of perfection I will be proud that it is my first finished craftsman project... that is if I keep going.