Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Wonder

Shortly before I graduated from college I thought to myself that this is a start of a journey. One that I need to have a blessing on. I asked God in prayer to have someone come lay hands on me. I did not ask just once but many times. This was something that I did not tell anyone about, it was me and God. I do not know why I felt that need so strongly, but I did. That prayer was answered. One day a guy from Intervarsity whom I had talked to, but not often, knocked on my door. (How he knew where my room was I have no idea. I never even thought of that until now.) Well he knocked on my door and said. "I don't know why but I feel like I need to lay my hands on you and pray for you and your future." (allow me to paraphrase since that was 10 years ago.) My response is one of rejoicing! (Well as best as an introvert can.) That was so great God sent someone to do what I was asking for. That is still proof to me today that God moves us at the heart level. God showed me how important I am and that he is with me on this journey with him.
These three pictures are an interesting story. I looked out my window one winter day to see small tracks circling through the snow. In the middle was a vole making tighter and tighter circles until he was just spinning in one spot.
He just ran and ran, lost out in that snow, unable to find a hole to safety. Gone crazy. When I got out there to take the picture I scared him greatly, he shot off towards a flower pot and then again under a bit of liner from my pond.
Like that mouse I was stuck until I had that nudge to get moving in a more productive way.
And you know what, that has happened again in my life. After I lost my job I did all the right steps and felt like I was going in a circle. Then I got a nudge to change my path, to go somewhere that I would have never gotten on my own.

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