Thursday, January 18, 2007


Like most people in scary situations we have doubt. In this case it is about spending such a long time in a strange land and the cost. Much of the advice we get is do a short term mission first, ten days or something. Commit to a year without knowing what we are getting into?

Then you start thinking that maybe God is trying to tell us we are a little off the mark. Maybe we are only supposed to do a short trip a year from now. How are we going to raise $27 grand???

Then I pray, I ask God to take away all my worry, my plans. Clear my mind and help me to see the goal He has for us. Then into the evening and waking up in the morning I am again confident that we need to walk towards working with OI, this year, a full year, and trust God to help with the funding. My job: learn what you can about India, what you are doing, missions, churches, networking, and show love, patience, kindness, perseverance. I picked up the Bible to look over Cor 13 about love and saw 1 John 3:18 to 20. My worry is not loving myself being consistent in walking the path God wants us on is.

My choice today is to follow Gods plan.

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