Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Tire

Currently we live near the shore of Lake Michigan. It is a short walk to the beach to sit and watch the waves against the sand and rocks.

This fall while in the middle of this decision of taking a great secular job or holding out for God's plan I had a great illustration given to me.

A tire on the waves, trying to land. Wave after wave pushing it towards the sand, where it could set roots, fill with sand and stay. But in the way of this tire was a small rock, the size of my fist. This rock was just holding the tire back, moving with each wave, I was so amazed that this large tire was not overcoming this rock.

Then awashed with shivers down my back I saw that I was the tire, trying to land. The waves pushing me here and there but the goal was to get to the sand and get stuck there. God was the rock. No, God is not that small but he talks just loud enough for us to hear. In 1 Kings 19 Elijah hears God in a whisper. But other places God talks in a normal voice such as Acts 9, or even writes his message, Dan 5 or Exodus 34. In each case it is much like that rock, just enough. Not overwhelming, as there were larger rocks on that beach.

I suppose given enough time the waves tire and rock would change, and the tire would land on the beach and fill with sand. But I left before it did that that day. When I went back the next week there were no tires on that beach.

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