Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Passions

I have been thinking again about what I am doing. Pondering over what I see is most important to me. Yes Christ, God, etc... the foundation we all believe, but there is also the extra stuff, the trivial. The things I think that are important that you could care less about. These things are what make me one part of the body and you another.

  • I want things to work right. A perfect product is invisible, you pick up the phone dial talk and hang up, never once thinking about the phone, sound quality, button size, etc.. just the conversation.
  • Another thing that lights me up is support, I loved helping others to do things better. I loved helping the artists at the car company I worked for develop the perfect look. I loved doing it at the lowest cost for the manufacture. While I do enjoy being an artist, I also like being part of the team to make an artist even better.
  • To the spiritual level I feel a passion for the 99, you know the sheep left in the pen while the shepherd left. All so often it is about the one, no focus on making better wool, meat, or helping people sleep.
  • Then fourth, I have this ethereal idea that I should be standing up in front of people. And that I should be writing a book. This is something so out there I can figure no way to put a goal but to say "Lord your will be done."
I always thought that I would have to change greatly to be USED by God as more than a tithing unit. (Why else would I have this great education / income potential?) But no, God wants to use me as I am. Now this does not mean that I will not have better wool as part of the process.

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