Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas Memories

I am trying to remember how many times I have gotten a tree for Christmas. There was the time in college a friend and I split for a blue spruce and set it up in my dorm room. That is part of the story how I got married, when it came time to go home this lovely girl gave me a set of flannel sheets to wrap the tree in to keep my car clean. Her sheets went on my bed and my old sheets went around the tree. I don't remember any trees while single. And after we were married I tried hard each year to get a small cheap tree.

This year was different. Remembering that each small tree year I looked at the little tree and felt dissapointed I wanted a true floor to ceiling tree. We hunted down a fraiser fur at a local tree farm and took it home. I actually had to cut the top off to get the star on. I filled the tree with six strings of lights and 50 feet of ribon. We then made cookie orniments, flour water and salt, to cover the tree.

Then there is the presents under the tree. I did not buy a single one of those. And only a couple are for me and my daughter. We love our family and friends, and this is one way we try to show it. Though I can NEVER outdo my mother in law. They filled both the trunk and back seat of their car to the brim for seven grandkids and eight parents. Even this is pale compaired to the fulfilling that we were given about our future a couple days before Christmas.

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