Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The plan

In August of 2006 I could not sleep one night. Days away from finishing my Masters of Engineering, days away from moving out of my house and into my in laws. Months after losing my job and still no sign of a new job. I prayed. I asked questions to God. And I got answers to many of those questions. Why? "To get me to do something I would not do on my own." What? "Spend a year as a missionary." Where? "Chennai" Oh China I like China western China is so pretty, the culture is so amazing. Oh boy oh boy oh boy... When? "Christmas" Wait how do I know this is true, can I have a sign this is true? "Yes Mongolia"

First I thought we were going to Mongolia so I contacted Interserve and said send me to Mongolia! Mongolia came back and said no job for you. Ok umm oh wait Mongolia is the sign China was the place lets go China lets GO! Lots of research, China needs short term American middle managers to help the quickly growing companies this will work I can do that. Then in prayer I heard that I know all about China in two weeks.. ten days... five.. one... lets go to a Chinese restaurant today to celebrate! Eat across the way from a very uncivil man from China.. that is Ok it is part of their culture. One day past... depression... Lord if I am to get to China by Christmas don't the parts have to be in place? It IS mid October. OK Lord I will let go of China and cling to you. Depression and focus on God through reading the Bible, and rebuilding again.

Beginning of December an email comes, someone in India has a position that may be for you. Yes send details! Two days before Christmas a description of a position in Chennai India. I try to read the job description, the two year old goes nuts. I try to read the description my eyes cross. I try to read the description the wife talks... the phone rings... my eyes blur... the door handle on the car breaks... I worry... I think I can't do what they are asking... I just pray. Lord what should I do? "Yes" "This is something that you need to walk towards, not run, or sit and wait for, nor walk away from, nor run from."

Wow. wow. WOW!

God is so amazing. I am so nothing, yet... wow. Lord I can not do this without you.

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