Sunday, January 14, 2007


I do not care about money, bills or coins. I do not like to spend it, I do not drivel too much about what I get paid as long as it is fair. But all the same I am stingy, I will not just give my money to someone else. What I really care about is stuff. I see a need for stuff to be used wisely. So many times I see around me where people go and spend lots of money on things and then shortly there after just throw things. People today have little sense of the value of things. Even our government thinks things have a great value. Tax time is coming, I recommend Tax Cut and Deduction Pro software. In Deduction Pro it is amazing what values the IRS has placed on donated items. It is even more than I would say they are worth. (Many times I do undervalue the items I gave away because otherwise I feel like I am cheating Uncle Sam.)

This past summer we sold our house and moved to a small apartment. It took two of the largest Uhaul trucks to carry our stuff away. And I still needed to have my parents come and take some of it in their minivan. And there was still stuff we left at the house! I look around the storage place and all those boxes of stuff. I don't know why we have it. It has been in storage for six months and there is a lot of stuff that I have never even thought of going through. (ah but there has been a lot of stuff I have needed.)

I had a dream a little while back. I was chasing my brother through the backyards of a rich neighborhood, the kind with iron fences and swimming pools. Well he was way ahead of me and I was getting farther and farther behind before I gave up and just laid in the middle of someones back yard waiting to be found. The issue, I was taking my bike with me the whole time. He did not have a bike. Why did I have to drag that thing that was worthless for going through tight spots and over fences with me?

I prayed that I was not that foolish to be bringing extra stuff with me on my journey of following Christ. I realized that while all my stuff in storage it has value it is worthless also. I am a caretaker, holding onto it until the owner asks for it to be used. It is worthless to me, but of use to God. I have to be able to let go of everything I have, cherish none of it.

I have included some links to ministries that relate to money and Christ, Crown help prepare me for not having a job by encouraging me to not have debt. Opportunity International give a picture of what the very poor would do with a little money. Manytime a loan to them of $50 doubles the standard of living they have.

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Jeff DV said...

I like the analogy of the train station and boarding the train.