Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Tonight I drilled the base plate for the four L braces holding the pedestals.  A slow steady process to get the holes in the correct location.  Measure, measure again, mark, mark again.  Measure, drill a small hole, measure, offset the hole if wrong, drill more, measure again.  It has gone well, 7 of the 8 holes were well placed and the last only needed very gentle persuasion for the bolt to threaded in.  
 Flipping the chassis over I was able to add the motor tower, the big batteries, and the charger.   On the top is a 2x2 representing the roof eve height.   Honestly I think for the height (9') the length looks a little short (19 feet) but that matches the prototype as near as i can tell.

This information is from the ORER vol 6 page 32.  The prototype photo from .  without the knuckle i think this car is on a RIP track or storage waiting scrapping.  most likely at towards the end of life used as a MOW or other such service.  Reading the ORER these cars disappeared by the turn of the century.  
I also notice that the springs are bottomed out.  The range of motion is only 1/4", which is actually per design, but it is a lot less than the SBT.  The journals and other parts have enough flexibility for more movement, with the exception of the pedestals.

I am glad that I picked up both types of chain connections, in this case a small to big will work best for the 25# chain.  The large to large may work if I elongate the motor mounting slots.  As for the #35 chain.  That will be a large to large  or a small to large depending where I place the axles.  There is enough movement there.

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