Sunday, February 07, 2016

brake car pt 3

 Nancy took some pictures of me yesterday.

 Today I attached L brackets to hold the battery from sliding around.  I used long screws then cut them off with the dremel on the backside.  Note, dremel sell these quick change disks, I don't recommend them, they don't stay perpendicular to the shaft.
Then to keep the battery up off the screw heads I gorilla glued a masonite panel under the battery.  Wax paper to keep from gluing the battery down.
 I also drilled the mounting holes for the power switch, circuit breaker, and the relay.  Also the air compressor mounting and steel mounting panel to base mounting holes.
I had read once that a little bit every day on these projects keeps them moving forward.  As I spent most of the day resting from a sinus headache it was nice to get some work complete.

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