Sunday, February 21, 2016

car siding

Friday work was removing the flooring from a box car.   I snagged a few pieces to see if it would be any good for cutting down into car siding for a boxcar or reefer.

First was to remove the portions where the bolts were.  
 Then I cut those sections into strips.
I have 140 strips.   By my calculations I need 400 for the walls of a 36 foot long reefer.  Then there is the roof and the floor.
As this is reclaimed wood it is wet, I am letting it season for a while, the professionals would kiln dry the wood, I am going to let it set in a corner of the basement.  A few of the pieces warped right off the saw, I set a couple sticks in front of the heat vent to dry them quicker to see how bad the warping is.  I really hope all my time making 5 gallons of sawdust is not for waste.  I did leave these a little large so there can be some warping before I clean them up on the joiner.  Eventually I will be making a model of Soo Line #15604 or Minneapolis & St. Louis #4570 with the wood.

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