Sunday, February 14, 2016

Brake Car pt 7

This morning before church I hooked up all the air hoses.  I also hooked up the electrical for the remote control.  My first try I failed to connect it up properly.  Knowing that I would obsess over it all during the service if I did not fix it I read the instructions and fixed it while the kids were putting their shoes on.

This afternoon because I had a four button remote I modified two radio shack record and playback sound modules and took the beeper out of the SBT.  The beeper goes when I press A. The brake solenoid with B.  C is one sound module and D the other.  Right now all 4 are set for button press on button press off.  Reading the remote instructions I am not sure if I can set each terminal individually.  The brake function is operating correctly, the sound functions are not.  Have to press C & D twice to hear a sound.  If I leave them on any interference, such as the air compressor turning on or off will have them sound again.

I have completed the air brake car project for now.   I do need to order some fittings and a gauge and install them, paint the end plates, and carry the assembly upstairs.   I think I will also be pulling the two sound modules and put one in each locomotive and switching the latching to be B on A off for the brake and C & D for the alarm.

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