Sunday, January 31, 2016


Friday I got the loco frame, pedestals and the coal car back from Samson's.  They welded the coal car and loco for me and laser cut the pedestals.  

Saturday I did not feel good so I stayed upstairs.  I did spend some time sorting my machine screw collection by diameter and pitch while watching season 6 of Dr Who.  What was three boxes on my shelves is now thirteen but it will take me less time to find screws when I need them.

Today I moved the guts of the pedestals from the Eaton Engineering aluminum to the Samson cut steel ones.  The advantage is the wider top with slots so I can tighten the chains.  

I also trimmed the end of the axles, and cut and drilled 1x1 angles for holding the pedestals.  Jon watched me deburr everything.  I also drilled the coupler pin holes in the engine and the brake flat, filed the loco frame that overhung the edge, and cleaned up the shop a little.  

The flat has groves for flanges on top.  I plan to park the loco on top of the flat during travel and the groves will help center the loco.  I expect the top of the flat to get torn up pretty quick.  

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