Thursday, February 04, 2016

Brake Car

 Tonight, I wanted to ruminate over loco two, so I started assembly of the brake car.
 First was seeing if it would all fit.  I cut the reservoir to length.  Then I also drilled a three inch diameter hole in the base plate under the reservoir, this gives a better mounting point than the dome of the PVC pipe.  
 I decided to place the electronics on the far side of the battery from the compressor, this will keep them slightly cooler, and by mounting the power and reset switch low I do not have to remove the cover completely to turn them off.
 I will be keeping the gauges, needle valve, and volt meter up high for easier reading during setup.  Well maybe not the volt meter.  I suppose I could have had a flip open door for the reading of the gauges and the switches on top, I can make a new box or a caboose later if I really want that.
This weekend I will continue the install of the brake system.  The challenging part will be hold downs for the battery and tank, and a panels for the electrical and air components.

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