Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Seat & Battery Tray

Today I decided not to fix the brakes on the truck, there is a leak about 3 feet infront of the drivers rear tire.  I decided to purchase Nancy a Christmas present.  I made a new seat for the Jeffrey.  This one does not have a through hole.  I started by taking the center drill out of the 2-3/4" hole saw, clamping a 1/2" thick board onto the drill press table and made a round blank.  I cleaned it up first on the bandsaw, then on the grinder by putting a nail in a blind hole i drilled in the bottom and holding it on with a piece of plastic. After it was ground round I sanded the faces and the edge by hand.  The new seat is now as large as the bottom of the mannequin.

Afterwards I worked on the battery trays.  I made the two small pieces for the tray with the back jog.  I found it worked best to hold the blank in the arbor press and bend it over with a hammer.  It definitely is much easier to not have that jog.

Overall it was not a lot of work accomplished today, lots of hesitation and pondering but I have now accomplished two steps that I was dreading.

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