Sunday, December 15, 2013

Significant Step

Today I got the four motor 4 bars installed.  This allowed me to put the frame on the wheels and test the springs.

I think I will need to install stronger springs on the back end as my weight was disproportionately at that end.  It would also work to make the truck to have a 3 point suspension rather than 4.  I have been reading old Live Steam magazines and the experiences on the backyard railroads facebook group.

I used the old pedestal caps that I replaced.  Drilled them out to 1/4" long and rounded the ends.  Does this mean I have 4 less pieces of scrap?  I also trimmed the excess off the plum cove motor supply.  Used a dremel to do most of the work, but it is dieing, had to do some by hand.  Glad it was aluminum so the shavings were not attracted to the motor magnets.

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