Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Coupler end brackets

Today I added the detail plates that go above and below the couplers.  They were epoxied in.  I also filled in the gap at the corners of the coupler pocket with epoxy.  I need a file without side teeth to clean up the epoxy after it hardens.

Weld in trays
Hook up the electronics
Decide if brake & throttle will be active
Find a headlight
Buy speedometer
Install speedometer
Find a horn or bell system
Get and wire up auxiliary power
Buy a keyed switch
Velcro down batteries
Install circuit breaker
Install speed limiter
Install charge port
Install Jeffreys
Install brake wheel
Install throttle lever
Install coupler plates
Install safety chain mounts
Sandblast entire thing
Attach wood
Stain wood
Make 5 trailing cars

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