Wednesday, December 11, 2013

drillin and tappin

Today I drilled the pedestal caps that were loctited to the ends of the pedestal with the #27 drill.  To keep things in line I had C clamped the cap to the brass slides.  Of the 4 sets, 1 cap came loose while drilling, 2 more were loose when I removed the clamps and one was still tight together.  I followed up by hand tapping and drilling out the tap with clearance holes.

The issue is the bolts are left at Jeff's house.  As it is not worth going down to get them I either wait until we come back home on the 31st or order some that are 1/2" long.  McMaster has them 10 for $5.  As the bolts Jeff has are 1" long and would need to be cut down I am not sure which I will do.

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