Saturday, December 21, 2013

Center Tray

Today I started by making the risers for the spring so there is some compression.  The coupler center height is now a little above 4.5"  it is supposed to be 4-7/16" +0 -3/16",  I guess that is about right because the wood top, end steps, and electronics are not onboard.  Not sure what it will do when I sit on it.

I also made the center tray for the electronics, this went much easier than I was expecting.  It is a simple tray, I folded over the top edge to limit the sharp edges.  I did have to file down the frame on one side so it would slip (with persuasion from a hammer) in.

Nancy said I should make a list of things left to do like:
Weld in trays
Hook up the electronics
Decide if brake & throttle will be active
Find a headlight
Buy speedometer
Install speedometer
Find a horn or bell system
Get and wire up auxiliary power
Buy a keyed switch
Velcro down batteries
Install circuit breaker
Install speed limiter
Install charge port
Install Jeffreys
Install brake wheel
Install throttle lever
Install coupler plates
Install safety chain mounts
Sandblast entire thing
Attach wood
Stain wood
Make 5 trailing cars

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