Tuesday, December 27, 2016

projects continued

Today's projects include:
Continuation of working on the key holder to the point of applying finish.
Installing 3 shop lights over the shelving and desk area.
Installing 4 more shelves for shoe boxes adding 24 more spots.
Trying my hand at making two sleds for the table saw. One is off by .016 over 8"  The other I did not measure.
Put the bench grinder together and placed it on the arbor vice stand where it lived before.
Reading an email from Grizzly about dust collection system design.
Some cleaning of the shop.
Tearing apart the On30 yard on a door that has sat unused in a corner of the basement for over 10 years.

Yesterday I fixed a mirror of Nancy's.  The glass was loose, I copied the original method and installed three wedges per side to hold the glass and reinstalled the cardboard backing.

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