Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hanging Stuff

We hung up the pictures in the living room.  Nancy made sure they were all level.
I hung shelves in the basement for my shoe boxes, I tried to make sure they were level too.
Nancy and I also hung up a shelf in the garage, ala Jay Bates from youtube.  The depth is 32 inches, about 25 inches from the ceiling.  They are not necessarily level.  We moved the moving blankets and some empty boxes up there, I am sure there are more items that could and should go up there.
And in the righthand side you can see my dust collector, or garage warmer as it will more than likely be, sucking air from the basement and dumping it into the garage.  The cyclone is held in place with two french cleats, and with Adam's help and the use of my new lift we lifted it into place.  Today I worked on making two brackets for holding the bags.  These will also be set onto a french cleat, as high as I can get them in the garage.  It will be a while before this is ready to run as it is 220 volt and I need to run electric for it.  If it indeed does reverse the draft on the waterheater and furnace chimney I will get a second blower to send air from the garage back into the basement.

We (Nancy) took a bunch of stuff down to the shed so I can park in the garage.  The malibu has a lack of heating so it is a morning frustration to scrape the frost off, or in the case of today, remove the snow.  I do plan to have enough space for both the car and the van in the garage.  There are many projects left to complete to have a functioning house and shop so I can focus on making toys full time.

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