Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Home Sawmill

 Today I added the riser block to the bandsaw, increasing the capacity from 5-3/4 to 12 inches.  Not that difficult of an operation, but I did find another thing I do not like about the bandsaw.  The bar that raises and lowers the upper guide has a gear side and a flat side.  A pair of set screws push on the flat side to keep enough friction so it will not move on its own.  But the flat and the gear are out of parallel so I have the choice to either have friction and binding or no contact and friction.   I chose the later.  I may measure the amount and let grizzly know that the tolerance needs to be tighter.

 Resawing my first piece of wood with a 1/2 inch 10TPI blade.
 It cut through the two by four wonderfully, I unfortunately was twisting the board resulting in an odd cut.

 Next I set up a new way.
 Adding an infeed and outfeed table.
 Making a back stop
 And set a hickory log on there.

 And cut away....

 The wood has some really nice grain.
 Tomorrow I plan to cut into 1" planks and let it dry for a while, as it is very wet, I am thinking it will be a year.

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