Monday, December 26, 2016

key holder

Today because I am still uncertain if I am doing the right thing with the ductwork I put on a dust mask, onion rings, safety glasses, and hearing protection and cut up one of my pieces of oak.  

First I ripped it into four pieces on the bandsaw.  
Used the jointer and then the planer to make them a consistent thickness.  
Added lap joints.
Then glued them together into 9x27 and 13 x 13 inch panels.
I took a bath while waiting for the glue to set.
Then I cleaned the parts up with the planer and hand sander.

Then I started work on making a crosscut sled for my table saw.  
The whole time I had woodworking videos playing on youtube.
And I did not take a single picture.

Tomorrow I will use the sled and finish the project.

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