Sunday, May 07, 2017

Weekend projects

Once again I did not take pictures...

I worked on quite a few projects this weekend.
Nancy and I insulated under both bays of the house, tripling the insulation that was present, plus using expanding foam to seal the gaps.
We also installed a 3/4" marine grade plywood under the front bay... the 1/2" chipboard that was there had some rot.
I moved some stuff in the garage to set the stage to hang the garden tools on the wall.
I fixed my string weed wacker... it is over 10 years old and it fell over in the garage breaking in half near the top of the shaft... a plastic part... I made a block to fit inside of it and epoxied it together.
I cut the ties into 1.5 x 1.5" squares... and with Nancy and Jon's help stacked them on the flat cars in the shed.
I cut the plywood for the doors to carbarn.
Nancy and I cleaned up the woods some, cutting some dead stuff that was laying down, moving other things etc...
We enjoyed all the trillium in the backyard.

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