Saturday, May 13, 2017

Double the railroad

Today's success... doubling the railroad.

But first I finally transferred some of the pictures from my phone to the computer.
Lets start with a simple project to hold pencils under the shelf made from a ripped 2x4 and masonite.

 I made a second shelf to hold the stapler and pencil sharpener.
Also I made a little holder for my dust collection remote.  Mounting it above the switch to the shop... I figure the time it takes me to walk from a machine to turn it off will give time for the chips to make it all the way to the cyclone.
 Also after absconding with some 2x6's from the dumpster at work I hung the majority of the garden tools on the wall.

Now onto the railroad.

yesterdays door work continued this morning with adding bracing.
 And i added a little roof over the carbarn doors.
 Then I extended the length of the left track to six feet from the building.
 Then I made a rack to hold the ties on a flat car... and put it on the blue flat... though I wanted it on the pink flat.

Meanwhile Robb was at white creek with 515 and my storage battery truck.  He put in some batteries he had on hand in the truck and ran around the railroad.

 It did quite well... with no load.

 While he was doing that I was laying track.
Yes that is true I now have two twenty foot long storage tracks in the carbarn.
I also moved the pink flat onto the new track, and with Nancy's help moved the tie rack onto the pink car.  As the back track is narrower I had to center the ties better than I had.

Note that my estimation is that amount of ties will do about forty feet of track.

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