Monday, May 29, 2017

Lift and Bay

 I spent the majority of the day continuing installation of the trim on the front bay area.  Only 11 more pieces to put up, Then the caulking and painting.  Nancy started the caulking already, as well as purchasing the paint.
 I also finally removed the trains from the truck, using the new lift.
It works well for boxcabs and short cars, I would not use it for a full size locomotive.  I need to bolt the track to the lift, as well as level it, as it leans towards the mast.  Then I also need to wedge something in to keep the track solid to the forks, as right now it is a 3 inch tall opening for two inch forks.  Then there is the matter of it wanting to shift while rolling a car on or off.  I need to lock the lift to the track.  I also need to develop a way to stop it from rolling, like how shop tools are on roller bases that drop to fix the position.

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